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The Pan-Pacific Entomologist

The Pan-Pacific Entomologist (ISSN 0031-0603) is published quarterly (January, April, July and October) by the Pacific Coast Entomological Society, in cooperation with the California Academy of Sciences. The journal serves as a refereed publication outlet and accepts manuscripts on all aspects of the biosystematics of insects and closely related arthropods, especially articles dealing with their taxonomy, biology, behavior, ecology, life history, biogeography and distribution. Membership in the Pacific Coast Entomological Society includes subscription to The Pan-Pacific Entomologist, and Society Proceedings typically appear in the October issue of each volume.
  • The contents of recent issues [vol. 83 (2007) - present] are available online via new window. Please note that access is NOT FREE for PCES members.

  • Online access to previous issues [vol. 1-78) available from Biodiversity Heritage Library.

  • Online access to vols. 79-82, 96-97 available for members after login.

Please note: all communications regarding non-receipt of issues should be addressed to the Treasurer.

Page Charges

Normal page charges are waived for PCES members for up to 20 pages per volume (not issue); pages 21 and up are charged at the member-discounted rate of US$35.00 per page. Non-members are charged the full rate of US$88.00 per page. Page charges do not include reprint costs or charges for author alterations to printer proofs. Figures printed in color are charged at the rate of US$20.00 per plate. Figures must be printed in color to appear online in color.

Editorial Staff Subject Editors
  • Diego A. Fachin - Diptera
  • Michael Forthman - Hemiptera
  • Chris Grinter - Lepidoptera
  • M. Andrew Johnston - Coleoptera
  • Oliver Keller - Coleoptera
  • Michael C. Orr - Hymenoptera
  • Rick Vetter - Arachnida
  • Richard S. Zack, Jr. - Aquatic Insects, Minor Orders
Book Review Editor
  • Larry G. Bezark

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Online access to previous issues
[vol. 1-78) available from BHL.

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