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Back Issues

Back Issues of The Pan-Pacific Entomologist are available at $60.00 per volume to non-members and $25.00 per volume to members of the Society. Vol. 1 (1924) to Vol. 51 (1975), price $10.00 per volume of 4 numbers, or $2.50 per single issue. Vol. 52 (1976) to Vol. 57 (1981), price $15.00 per volume or $3.75 per single issue, except for vol. 57, no. 1, $10.00. Vol. 58 (1982) to Vol. 66 (1990), $20.00 per volume or $5.00 per single issue. Vol. 67 (1991) to Vol. 69 (1993), $30.00 per volume or $7.50 per single issue. Vol. 70 (1994) and subsequent issues, $40.00 per volume or $10.00 per single issue. Since some issues are out of print, please ask about availability before ordering.

Prices quoted are U.S. currency. Postage extra on all orders. Dealers are allowed a discount of 10 percent on all items, including annual subscriptions that are paid in advance. All orders should be placed with the Treasurer.

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