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Submit a Cover Photo

The Pan-Pacific Entomologist seeks high-quality photographs to be featured on the front cover of its future issues. Submission requirements are as follows:
  • Photos must be original and feature insects or related terrestrial arthropods (i.e., arachnids, chilopods, or diplopods).
  • Color photos of live subjects in their natural habitat are highly preferred.
  • Photos must be clear, in focus, and properly exposed.
  • Aspect ratio of the photo must be portrait (i.e., vertical) or square. Landscape (i.e., horizontal) images are not suitable due to journal layout constraints.
  • Reduced-sized versions of images may be submitted for initial consideration. If accepted, a high resolution (300 dpi minimum) version of the photo in TIF or JPG format with a minimum size of 117×181 mm (4.6×7.1 inches) will be needed.
Photographers will be notified if their photo is selected, at which time they will be asked to provide a caption that includes the scientific name of the subject, the date and location of the photo, any ecological or other relevant information, and the full name and location of the photographer. A PDF of the cover as published will be provided to the photographer. Submitted photos not immediately selected may be retained in a pool of photos and considered for future issues. By submitting a photo to be considered for the cover, the individual provides consent for such use.

Photos should be submitted to the PPE Managing Editor at Please include "PPE cover photo submission" in the subject line. If photos are submitted directly by e mail, please send as attached files (not pasted within the body of the e-mail). Photos may also be submitted via links; however, please ensure that permission to access the photo is provided.

Cover Photos

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