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Memoirs of the Pacific Coast Entomological Society

The Memoirs of the Pacific Coast Entomological Society is published irregularly. It publishes on all aspects of original research in entomology. Subject matter includes systematics, taxonomy, biology, behavior, ecology, morphology genetics, and others. Previous volumes are as follows:
  • Volume 1. The Sucking Lice by G. F. Ferris. 320 pages. Published October 1951. Price $10.00
  • Volume 2. A Revision of the Spider Mite Family Tetranychidae by A. Earl Pritchard and Edward W. Baker. 472 pages. Published July 1955. OUT-OF-PRINT
  • Volume 3. Revisionary Studies in the Nearctic Decticinae by David C. Rentz and James D. Birchim. 173 pages. Published July 1968. Price $4.00*
  • Volume 4. Autobiography of an Entomologist by Robert L. Usinger. 343 pages. Published August 1972. OUT-OF-PRINT
  • Volume 5. Revision of the Millipede Family Andrognathidae in the Nearctic Region by Michael R. Gardner. 61 pages. Published January 21, l975. Price $3.00*
*For California orders only, add appropriate sales tax currently in effect in your county. If requested, members of the Society can receive a 20% discount on the price of the available memoirs.

Prices quoted are U.S. currency. Postage extra on all orders. Dealers are allowed a discount of 10 percent on all items, including annual subscriptions that are paid in advance. All orders should be placed with the Treasurer.

Rivellia quadrifasciata Rivellia quadrifasciata
Photo credit: Ted MacRae


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