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Common formatting errors in manuscripts submitted to The Pan-Pacific Entomologist

We have found that a number of repeated format problems have occurred in a variety of submissions to the editor of this journal.

Common errors in formatting:

1) All text should be the same size and font, e.g. Times Roman 12 and left-justified.

2) No bold face except in special cases, to indicate significant new records, e.g.: (new state record), (new larval host record) or new taxonomic acts, e.g.: (new synonymy), (new combination). Bold should not be used for the title, heading, authors in Literature Cited, etc.

3) Italics are to be used only for scientific names in the text and for journal and book titles in the Literature Cited section. All other uses of italics are in the style sheet used by the publisher to set PPE and should not be indicated by authors.


5) No 'em dash' e.g. 'Abstract.—Text' should be "Abstract. Text". Please try to eliminate the use of hyphens as punctuation in the text.

6) No abbreviation for authors and authorities, e.g. Linnaeus, not L., Fabricius not F. or Fabr., etc.

7) Literature Cited
    a. Citing titles of references should not capitalize words other than the first and any proper nouns.

    b. Journal titles in the Literature Cited section should be in full; never abbreviated.

    c. In synonymies and in the Literature Cited, citations of volume:pagination should not have a space, e.g. '69: 102-105' should be "69:102-105".

    d. In text reference to citations, in synonymies and in the Literature Cited, multiple author names should be connected by the '&', not the 'and'.

    e. The format for citing references in the text is: (author date), not (author, date) and (author date, author date)
8) Figures sent for review should be as requested, as PDF or JPG, not embedded into the text document. Multiple figures should be combined in a single PDF for ease of the review process.

9) The request for authors to suggest 2-3 potential reviewers is not always followed.

Authors that do not conform to the requested format found in the Author Instructions (version 2023.2) launch PDF document will have the manuscripts returned prior to official receipt and circulation for review. If something gets by, then these corrections should be made prior to formal acceptance.


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