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Electronic Submission Requirements

Manuscripts should be submitted in electronic format, preferably via e-mail attachments, or in lieu of e-mail attachments, electronic media (e.g. CD Rom, zip disk, floppy disk). Send submissions to the Managing Editor.

The Editorial Board also requires that authors include a list of at least three potential reviewers, along with their respective postal and e-mail addresses, with all manuscripts.

Text should be sent either in Word, RTF or Word Perfect format.

Manuscript review using the Track Changes option in MS Word will greatly expedite the review and correction sequence.

Illustrations should be submitted as 300-dpi TIFF files for final files and all illustrations/graphics should be grouped into a single PDF file for the review process.

The Editorial Board expects that manuscripts submitted via e-mail attachment or electronic media can be reviewed more quickly and such a format will save the PCES both time and resources, e.g. postal and copying costs. In addition, the costs of preparing and printing The Pan-Pacific Entomologist are reduced by going digital.

Eventually the charges that PCES pays for the typing of hard-copy manuscripts and subsequent formatting will be passed along to authors who do not conform to these electronic submission requirements.

For long manuscripts, or especially for those with a large number of illustrations, it is suggested that all illustrations be gathered together as one PDF file for the purposes of review.


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