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Pre-reviewed Manuscript Process

Normal page charges will be waived for PCES members who submit pre-reviewed manuscripts (maximum 20 galley pages per volume). Such submissions should be accompanied by at least three (3) signed review sheets. Acceptance of these reviews will be entirely at the discretion of the Subject Editor, who may request further external reviews if necessary, or if the attached pre-reviews lack sufficient rigor. Please note: this option is only available to PCES members in good standing; if you wish to take advantage, please join PCES!

To submit a pre-reviewed manuscript, please adhere to the following process:
  • Download the Evaluation Form and forward it, along with your manuscript, to at least three (3) colleagues who have agreed to review your manuscript.

  • When reviewers return their Evaluation Sheet, make the appropriate revisions to the manuscript based on reviewer feedback. Address all reviewer comments, either by incorporating their suggested edits into your manuscript or by rebuttal.

  • Submit revised manuscript and all signed Evaluation Sheets to the Managing Editor. If reviewers have made comments or suggested edits directly in the review version of the manuscript, include that with your submission as well. Also include rebuttals, either in the body of the submission email or in a separate, attached document.
Pre-reviewed manuscripts are not exempt from the following costs, which will be billed to author(s):
  • COLOR PLATES. The cost of color plates is determined by the printer and will be billed to the author by PCES.

  • GALLEY EDITS: $3.00 per alteration in proof when not in original manuscript. Please refer to the Final File Preparation Guide for specific instructions on preparation of final files. Alteration charges will be billed by PCES.

  • REPRINTS. The Pan-Pacific Entomologist now uses EzReprint, a user-friendly, automated online system for purchasing article reprints. Prior to publication of the issue, you will receive an e-mail with a unique URL (SmartLink) and information about the reprint order process. The SmartLink will take you directly to a web portal where you may place your reprint order. The email will be sent to you from Add this to your "safe senders" list to ensure that you receive the message.


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